Man pages for maxgav13/GMisc
Miscellaneous Functions for Geology (and its areas)

additional_pksAdditional useful packages
Barton_ChoubeyBarton-Choubey criterion
Barton_Choubey_plotBarton-Choubey criterion plot
bearing_capacityBearing capacity
carolinaData for directional examples
ci_chisqConfidence interval for standard deviation of a sample
ci_FConfidence interval for ratio of standard deviations of 2...
ci_tConfidence interval for mean (unknown sigma)
ci_t2Confidence interval for difference of the mean between 2...
ci_ZConfidence interval for mean (known sigma)
coef_varCoefficient of variation
CPTu_dataExample data for calculation of T2-statistic
d2sConversion from dip directions to strike
dichotomySplits a vector into two classes
dir_2sample_test_2DDirectional statistics two-sample test (2D)
dir_2sample_test_3DDirectional statistics two-sample test (3D)
dir_stats_2DDirectional statistics for the 2D case
dir_stats_3DDirectional statistics for the 3D case
dir_stats_psPrincipal stresses
dir_unif_test_2DDirectional statistics test of uniformity (2D)
dir_unif_test_3DDirectional statistics test of uniformity (3D)
DPM_dataExample data for calculation of RI coefficient or T-statistic
DS_Mohr_plotDraws the Mohr circles for a direct shear set of results
DS_plotDraws the results for a direct shear test
entropyEntropy for a given split of a categorical variable
ggplot_exportSave ggplot
GiniGini index for a given split of a categorical variable
Hoek_BrownHoek-Brown criterion
Hoek_Brown_plotHoek-Brown criterion plot
induced_stressInduced stress on a surface
intervalosEffects plots with confidence and prediction intervals
inv_logitInverse logit
KlimmeridgeKlimmeridge shale organic matter content
mode_valModal value
Mohr_CircleMohr circle solution and plot
moving_avg_filterMoving average filter
moving_filter_plot_fMoving (weighted) average filter plot (filtered)
moving_filter_plot_rMoving (weighted) average filter plot (residual)
moving_wt_filterMoving weighted average filter
nautilusData for moving average filter
NewStats_2samplesNew Statistics two samples (idependent & dependent)
NewStats_contrastsNew Statistics contrasts
post_summarySummary of vectors, matrices or data frames
pval_chisqP-value for proposed standard deviation of a population
pval_corrP-value for coefficient of correlation between two variables
pval_FP-value for ratio of standard deviations of 2 samples
pval_tP-value for proposed mean of a population (unknown sigma)
pval_t2P-value for proposed difference of the mean between 2 samples
pval_zP-value for proposed mean of a population (known sigma)
Q_93Q system (1993)
R_critMean resultant length critical value
RIIntraclass Correlation Coefficient for layer boundary...
rose_diag_2DRose diagram (2D)
rose_diag_3DRose diagram (3D)
s2dConversion from strike to dip directions
Spearman_critSpearman critical value
stereo_meanStereonet (mean)
stereo_planeStereonet (planes)
stereo_poleStereonet (poles)
stereo_psStereonet (principal stresses)
T2_statHotelling T2-statistic for layer boundary determination
T_statT-statistic for layer boundary determination
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