Man pages for maxheld83/pensieve
Tools for the Scientific Study of Operant Subjectivity

anonymizeAnonymize names.
as_psLogicalOpenSortsCoerce messy, but convenient format of _all_ logical sorts to...
checkValidate S3 classes from pensieve
check_fun_argsCheck if function works with specified arguments
check_latex_langCheck if language can be compiled
check_no_fileCheck if a function already exists
check_on_dev_machineCheck if running on main dev machine
civicon_2014Q-Sorts on taxation and the economy from the 2014 CiviCon...
correlateCorrelate Q Sorts.
count_cooccurCreate Co-Occurence Matrices.
declare_pandoc_varMake pandoc tex variable option
diag_distro_maxInfer maximum grid of q-sorting grid.
diag_distrosCount distribution of same values per people-variable.
diag_forcedForced distribution test.
diag_inside_gridGrid test.
diag_sameSame distribution test.
draw_rand_sortDraw one random Q-sort dataset.
export_psExport S3 objects from pensieve in useful formats.
extractDimensionality reduction.
find_fontsizeFind largest possible fontsize given all other arguments
hbs_alphaPairwise assessments of items on labor and digital technology
inanimatusHTML widget factory for sorting grids
knit_print_docsDocuments knit_print
komkiQ-Sorts and Q-Categorisations on language games
markup2vectorConvert markup to vector formats
psClosedSortsStore multiple sorts as a numeric matrix
psGridStore sorting grid as logical matrix.
psItemContentStore item content as character strings
psOpenSortStore _individual_ sort and dimension description by _one_...
psOpenSortsStore _multiple_ open sorts in a psOpenSorts list.
psPeopleConstruct tibble with additional participant information
psSortStore an _individual_ sort as a character matrix of _item...
render_chainRender a list of markdown vectors to a desired format.
run_accioRun accio
run_parallelExtract many random matrix eigenvalues.
scoreFactor scores.
validate_S3Validate S3 classes from pensieve
virtuallyWrite file input, read file output
wrap_in_latex_envWrap character vector in latex environment
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