Man pages for maxthemillion/plotPackage
Collection of custom plotting functions for and other ML tools

clean_out_plotapplies custom modifications to ggplot object
get_palettereturns the msg color palette
h2o_extract_classification_errorsextracts classification errors from h2o.scoreHistory()
msg_colorreturns a specific msg color from the palette
plot_h2o_classification_errorplots test and validation error extracted from an h2o...
plot_h2o_ROCplots ROC from one or multiple fitted h2o models
theme_apply_msg_colorsapplies the msg color palette
theme_remove_backgroundset blank background on ggplot object
theme_remove_gridremove all gridlines from ggplot object
theme_remove_x_gridremove y gridlines from ggplot object
theme_remove_y_gridremove y gridlines from ggplot object
theme_rotate_labels_xrotate x axis labels
theme_rotate_labels_x_resetresets axis rotation to 0
theme_show_axesShow axes as solid black lines
theme_show_axis_xshow x axis as solid black line
theme_show_axis_yshow y axis as solid black line
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