Man pages for mayerantoine/Rdhis2tracker
Api client for DHIS2 Web Api - Tracker Capture

get_all_dataelementsRetrieve all data elements in a DHIS2 Traker instance
get_all_programsRetrieve all programs information
get_program_attributesRetrieve all programs attributes
get_program_data_elementsRetrieve all data elements of a specific program
get_program_events_dataRetrieve events data for a specific program
get_program_idRetrieve the program id of a program in a DHIS2 Tracker...
get_program_orgunitsRetrieve all orgs units of a specific program
get_program_programstagesRetrieve the program stages of a specific program
get_program_tracked_entities_dataRetrieve entities data for a specific program
get_program_variablesRetrieve all variables of a specific program
loadSecretlogin into the DHIS2 instances
queryExecute a Call to the DHIS2 Web Api
rdhis2trackerDHIS2 Tracker API client library
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