Man pages for mbadge/hipsMultimodal
Analysis of MSH Hip Data

adlCohortFetch Adelaide Test Samples split into differet subsampling...
adl_testAdelaide test cohort scalars and inference results
BaseSummaryCompute hip-cohort-table-specific individual statistics
caseControlCohortsmatched cohort enrollment lists
check_dfs_fct_matchVerify that all factor levels in df2 are available in df1
check_yConfirm that a target vector is suitable for a classification...
ClassifierClassifier Abstract Base Class.
compare_cCsCompare 2 ROC curves for AUC equivalence
ComplexSummaryWrapper for fxns that generates combined table statistics by...
facet_cnnFacet by CNN
Fp_ml_dirAccess ML dir contents
FS_hipsDirConfigured map of absolute project dir paths by system.
get_df_fct_lvlsGet a list of levels for each factor in a data.frame
ggMissingView data.frame missing data proportion for each variable...
ggOddsRatiosView odds ratios of pair-wise target associations.
gg_pcView a PC plot with indicated color/alpha
gg_x_targetggplot wrapper to make an x scale with angled labels
glance.ClassifierCurveView summary stats for a classifier point.
hipsCohort_Load a cohort table
hipsInfo_Convenience fxn to access pkg configuration info in inst/info
hipsOpt_Convenience fxn to fetch an option set by the hips package.
KableKable S3 generic for kable printing with nice defaults
keep_binaryOnly keep variables with two unique non-missing levels
OddsRatiosCompute pair-wise odds ratios between binary variables and a...
predict_pYPredict probas for a classification models positive class
PrettyEachBeautify individual table statistics
PrettyPredictorsBeautify predictor labels
PrettyTargetsBeautify target labels
readNpyRead a numpy image file from disk
scalarsMSH cohort data
scale_color_cnnScales for CNNs
scale_color_cohortggplot scale color by cohort
scale_color_deviceggplot scale color by device
scale_color_fxMake a ggplot scale to color by fracture
scale_color_targetMake a ggplot scale to color by target
scale_color_targetModeMake a ggplot scale to color by target
scale_color_viewggplot scale color by device
scale_fill_sexggplot scale fill by gender
scale_predictor_Scales for predictor sets.
scale_x_cohortggplot scale to map targets to the x-axis
scale_x_targetggplot scale to map targets to the x-axis
StratifiedPartitionAugment cohort table with a stratified train/test partition
TblSave table file(s) for hips project
train_eg_idsExtract vector of training examples used for a model
train_glmTrain a glm model
train_lmBase Linear Regression Model Function
train_n_egExtract total and limiting number of training examples from a...
train_termsExtract predictor terms for a caret model
UniteColsJoin compound table statistic columns.
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