Man pages for mbannert/gateveys
An R Toolbox for Business Tendency Survey Researchers

addFixedMetaDataadd non-Localized Meta Information to an existing zoo object
addLocalizedMetaDataadd localized meta data to an exisiting zoo object
burstListburst a list into data.frames representing univariate time...
calcSharescalculate the weighted share that corresponds to a particular...
capWeightApply an exponent function if value beyond max threshold
checkKeysTurn Names Generated from the Aggregation Process into valid...
countNAsCount NAs
createGeomLineCreate geoms of type line to plot time series with ggplot
dataframe2tsGenerate a zoo Object from a suitable data.frame
drawFromMixeddraw random variables from a mixed distribution
eth.colorsETH color palette
for.setattrAdd tskey attribute to every data.frame in a list of...
gateveysAn R Toolbox for Business Tendency Survey Researchers
generateRandomNAsadd random NAs to a data.frame
generateSamplePanelgenerate sample panel
linearizeNestedListlinearize nested lists
metaFixedA Class for non-Localized Meta Data
metaFixed-setMethod to assign attributes of class metaFixed
metaLocalizedClass for Localized Meta Information
metaLocalized-setMethod to assign attributes of class metaLocalized
NOGA08NACE sector classifications
plotTsplot (multiple) time series conveniently
randomPanelRandom dataset generated by the gateveys package
replaceNAReplace NA in categorical data
setSizeClassSet Size Class based on a Quantitative Variable
splitListsplit list of results by factor
swapObjectNameSwap object Name based on two attribute names
weighByMultiClassesIterate calcShares over multiple groups
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