Man pages for mbannert/gateveys2
Aggregate Survey Data

add_up_list_elementsAdd up all elements of an unnested list
add_up_variablesAdd time series that are elements of lists
calc_balance_from_ts_envBulk Calculate Balances
calc_sharesCalculate the weighted share of an answer item
capExponentional Cap for Large Values in a Vector
dt_2_gridExtract cartesian grid from data.table keys
dt_2_ts_tableConvert data.table to a time series table
fill_up_missing_rowsFind Missing Ranks in a data.table based on keys
get_by_attributesFilter environment by multiple object attributes
multiply_groupMultiply elements of an environment according to a named...
set_attributes_by_extractSet attributes to each element of an environment
ts_table_2_zooTurn time series data.table into zoo object
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