Man pages for mbannert/pgsqltsmap
Map S4 class based time series to a PostgreSQL database

add_vintage_to_dbArchive a Vintage of an Existing Time Series
archive_new_tsWrite One Or More Time Series to the Time Series Archive
create_db_tableCreate Table From Time Series
create_df_linesCreate single line data.frame from time series
createHstore-methodsCreate Postgres Hstore Representation of R objects
create_lineCreate a single line data.table from a time series
df2listGet key / value pairs from a two-column data.frame
is.bootsTest for a boots object
is.metalocalizedTest for a metalocalized object
is.tsDbResultTest for an object of class tsDbResult
search_db_for_keysGet one or multiple keys from database by chunks
ts_data_table_2dbWrite a data.table with hstore column to database
ts_env2data.tableCast an environment of time series into a data.table
update_localized_miUpdate Localized Meta Information in the Database
zooLikeDateConvertZoo like Date Conversion
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