Man pages for mbannert/timeseriesdb
Manage Time Series for Official Statistics with R and PostgreSQL

activateTsSetActivate a Set of Time Series
addMetaInformationAdd Meta Information to R Environments
bulkStoreTimeSeriesWrite an R time series to a PostgreSQL database...
createChoicesCreate Choices Boxes Dynamically
createConObjConveniently Create Connection Object to PostgreSQL based...
createHstoreCreate Hstore
createTableCreate Statements for PostgreSQL tables
createUIPolymorphic Helpers for the Shiny Based GUI
dbIsValid-methodsCheck Validity of a PostgreSQL connection
deactivateTsSetDeactivate a Set of Time Series
deleteTimeSeriesDelete Time Series from the database
exploreDbStart a GUI to Explore Data
exportMetaEnvExport Content of Meta Information Environment to Various...
getListDepthDetermine depth of a list
getMetaQuickly Handle Meta Information
importTsListImport A Long Format CSV File Into a List of Time Series
listTsSetsList All Time Series Sets for a Particular User
loadTsSetLoad a Time Series Set
pgCopyDfCopy data.frame to postgres using bulk copy
plotMethodsPlot a list of Time Series Directly plot time series of mixed...
quickHandleOpsSearch the Database by Keys
readMetaInformationRead Meta Information from a Time Series Database
readTimeSeriesRead Time Series From PostgreSQL database
resolveOverlapConcatenate Time Series and Resolve Overlap Automatically
rmAllButDelete all objects except for specific objects
runCreateTablesRun Setup: Create all mandatory tables
runDbQueryRun SELECT query
searchHstoreSearch Key-Value Pairs, look for existing keys in an Hstore
searchKeysSearch Keys From Pre-Defined Or Key Based Queries
setAttrListWiseSet Attributes to Each Element of List According to a Given...
storeListChunkWiseStore a List of Time Series Chunk Wise to Avoid Memory...
storeMetaChunkWiseStore Meta Information Chunk Wise to Avoid Memory Problem
storeMetaInformationStore Meta Information to the Database
storeTimeSeriesWrite an R time series to a PostgreSQL database
storeTsSetStore a New Set of Time Series
transactionUtilsConvenience Wrapper to SQL classics for BEGIN,COMMIT,...
updateMetaInformationUpdate Meta Information Records
writeLogFileSimple Log File Writer
zooLikeDateConvertZoo like Date Conversion
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