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Loads a csv text file containing the ring widths measured on tree cross-sections.





a string giving the name of the file to load


Ring-widths and their calendar years, as well the heights of the cross-sections they were measured from must be stored in a csv file. Ring-widths will be ordered in columns, from the lowest cross-section, to the highest (nearest to tree tip) cross-section. The first row will hold cross-sections heights (in m). The first column will hold the calendar years whose ring refer. Csv files can be created through any spreadsheet program. As an example of what a future ring-width csv file might look in a spreadsheet consider the following:

0.0 1.30 3.00 5.00
1990 1234
1991 1234
1992 1234 4232
1993 1234 4232 353
1994 1234 4232 353
1995 1234 4232 353
1996 1234 4232 353 3567
1997 1234 4232 353 3567
1998 1234 4232 353 3567


Returns a data.frame object holding the ring-widths. Calendar years are coded as row names, and can be accessed via rownames(). Cross-section heights along the stem are coded column names, they can be accessed via colnames() and converted to numeric values via as.numeric().


Decimals should be dot-separated.


Marco Bascietto

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