Man pages for mbedward/CERMBlidar
A collection of functions to process aerial LIDAR data

check_flightline_orientationCheck that the orientations of all flight lines match
check_overlap_biasPerforms a simple check for point class bias within...
check_strataCheck strata lookup table and put it into a standard form
compile_metadataCreate a catalog of LAS tiles from HTML metadata
dot-min_rectangleFind the minimum bounding rectangle that encloses a set of...
filter_flightlinesFilter flight lines based on the number of points in each
get_bounding_rectangleFind the minimum bounding rectangle that encloses specified...
get_building_pointsExtract building points from a LAS tile
get_class_frequenciesGet point class frequencies.
get_flightline_infoGet summary information for flight line extents
get_flightline_overlapsIdentifies overlapping and non-overlapping parts of flight...
get_flightline_polygonsCreate convex polygons for flight lines
get_horizontal_crsGet the horizontal coordinate reference system for a spatial...
get_las_boundsGet bounds from the header of a LAS file or object
get_max_heightDerive a raster of maximum point height in all or selected...
get_point_densityCalculate average point density for a tile
get_scan_timesGet scan times for a LAS tile
get_strata_transformCreate a transformation table for two sets of strata
get_stratum_countsGet LiDAR point counts for defined strata.
get_stratum_coverCalculate vegetation cover estimates for strata
get_summary_countsCreate raster layers summarizing point counts for a LAS tile
is_empty_tileCheck whether a LAS tile has an empty point cloud
is_prepared_tileCheck whether a LAS tile object has been prepared
mandatory_input_fieldsGet names of mandatory input fields for LAS tiles
mask_tileApply a raster mask to a LAS tile
pipeRe-export magrittr pipe operator
plot_flightline_pointsPlot a sample of points using colours to indicate flight...
prepare_tileImport and prepare a LAS tile for further processing
read_html_metadataRead metadata for a LAS tile
read_las_headerRead the header information in a LAS file
remove_flightline_biasCorrect biased point class frequency in overlap between...
remove_zero_gpstimesCheck for and drop any points with zero GPS times
reproject_tileTransform point cloud coordinates to a new projection
StrataCERMBStrata definitions used by CERMB.
StrataCERMB_OLDFormer strata definitions used by CERMB.
StrataOFHStrata definitions used for Overall Fuel Hazard Assessment in...
StrataSpechtStrata definitions adapted from Specht 1970, 1974.
update_tile_headerUpdate a LAS header based on current point data
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