Man pages for mbergins/BerginskiRMisc

add_alpha_to_colorAdd Alpha Level to a Passed Color
addNCountColumnAdd a column to a tidy data set with the count of...
add_under_colorAdd A Color Underneath a Set of X-Y Coordinates
applyBetterParSettingsApply a better set of ploting settings
boxplotFancyMake a boxplot with some small improvements
buildTimelapsePlotWithConfIntMake a Time-lapse ggplot2 Object with Confidence Intervals
convertSVGtoPNGConvert a SVG image to PNG using imagemagick
convertSVGtoTargetConvert a SVG image to different image type using imagemagick
lines_with_undershadingDraws A Line with Shading Underneath
plotBarplotWithConfIntDraw a Barplot with Confidence Intervals
plotLinesMatWithConfIntDraws A Line with Confidence Interval Shading From a...
plotLinesWithConfIntDraws A Line with Confidence Interval Shading
read.csv.allRead all CSV files found in search string
theme_berginskiDefine a ggplot2 theme for myself
trimImageTrim the whitespace around an image using Imagemagick
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