Man pages for mbinois/RRembo
Random EMbedding Bayesian Optimization for R

designUSelect design in U
designZSelect design in Z
easyREMBORandom Embedding Bayesian Optimization
mapZXAlternative mapping
multiREMBORandom Embedding Bayesian Optimization
ortProjOrthogonal projection on Ran(A)
Psi_YWarping psi for points in Y
Psi_Y_nonortWarping psi for points in Y, non normalized A
Psi_ZWarping psi for points in the zonotope Z
randEmbRandom embedding of a low dimensional subspace on the...
RRembo-packagePackage RRembo
selectASelect a random embedding matrix
Test_functionsTest function
testUTest if a given point is in U
testZTest if a given point is in Z
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