Man pages for mbojan/mbtools
Chaotic Collection of Functions and Datasets Possibly Useful Also To Others

andrewsAndrew's plots
anova.princompComponent variation in PCA analysis
attributizeMap a vector to several plotting attributes
carryoverCarrying over values from previous elements
CbindCombine objects by columns matching the rows on row names
cwReset the number of text columns of R console.
dePolishRip Polish letters of the diacritics
devlibLoad package from developer's library
Digitize-classDigitizing images
etasCalculate Eta coefficients
grepexExtract portions of string(s) with regular expressions
hellwigHellwig's method for choosing subset of independet variables
iCurveFitInteractive Curve Fitting
InflacjaMonthly inflation rates in Poland
isGraphicalTest if a degree sequence isGraphical
is.symmetricTest for a symmetric matrix
Locator-classReference-class implementation of locator()
lssList object names along with classes and sizes
mbrepoGet current URL to my R packages repository
mbtools-packageCollection of development tools for R
nullModelFit two-level null random intercept model
read_yamlParses YAML file with a simple R handler
rescaleRescale linearly to new minimum and maximum
rulerMeasuring number of columns of textual output
seeInspect the content of an object
setcompareCompare to sets
show.keywordsShow the Keywords list
sourceallSource all R-code files that match the pattern
speedcompComparing CPU times of several R expressions
srcenvReturn an environment with objects defined in a script file
wcalcCalculate the column widths of a fixed-width file
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