Man pages for mbojan/trac2gh
Assisting Migrating Code and Tickets from Trac to GitHub

api_urlModify URL preserving existing path component
fetch_gh_milestonesFetch milestones from GH
get_trac_milestonesGet milestone metadata from Trac
get_trac_ticketsQuery Trac tickets
gh_issue_formattersGitHub issue formatters
gh_milestone_formattersGitHub milestone formatters
link_issueLinking issues in commit messages
make_gh_issuesCreate data for GitHub issues
make_gh_milestonesCreate data for GitHub milestones
make_scriptCreate script for git filter-branch
moinmoin_to_markdownRudimentary MoinMoin wiki to Markdown converter
push_gh_issuesPush issues to GitHub
push_gh_milestonesPush milestones to GH
trac_apiTrac API
trac_loginGet the Trac login cookie
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