Man pages for mcfanda/cpower
Power analysis for contrasts

ci.contrCompute confidence interval for contrast d
ci.ncptCompute confidence interval for noncentral t
contr.customBuild a custom contrast and k-2 orthogonal ones
d.contrCohen's d for contrasts
d.contr.eta2Compute contrast d from (partial) eta-squared
eta2.contrCompute (partial) eta-squared for contrast
eta2.contr.dCompute (partial) eta-squared for contrast d
f.contr.dCompute contrast f from d
one.sampleReturn a sample with the specified pattern of means and...
power.contrast.tpower function for contrasts
power.contr.simulateCompute power based on simulation
printNice printing for confidence intervals
summaryCompute simulated power expected results
test.contrt-test for a custom contrast
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