Man pages for mcfanda/cpower
Power analysis for contrasts

ci.contrCompute confidence interval for contrast d
ci.ncptCompute confidence interval for noncentral t
contr.customBuild a custom contrast and k-2 orthogonal ones
d.contrCohen's d for contrasts
d.contr.eta2Compute contrast d from (partial) eta-squared
d.contr.fCompute contrast d from f
eta2.contrCompute (partial) eta-squared for contrast
eta2.contr.dCompute (partial) eta-squared for contrast d
f.contr.dCompute contrast f from d
one.sampleReturn a sample with the specified pattern of means and...
power.contrast.tpower function for contrasts
power.contr.simulateCompute power based on simulation
printNice printing for confidence intervals
print.conf.intervalsNice printing for confidence intervals
summaryCompute simulated power expected results
test.contrt-test for a custom contrast
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