Man pages for mclements/rstpm2
Generalized Survival Models

aftParametric accelerated failure time model with smooth time...
aft-classClass "stpm2" ~~~
brcancerGerman breast cancer data from Stata.
coefGeneric method to update the coef in an object.
colonColon cancer.
cox.tvcTest for a time-varying effect in the 'coxph' model
gradgradient function (internal function)
incrVarUtility that returns a function to increment a variable in a...
legendre.quadrature.rule.200Legendre quadrature rule for n=200.
nsxGenerate a Basis Matrix for Natural Cubic Splines (with...
nsxDGenerate a Basis Matrix for the first derivative of Natural...
numDeltaMethodCalculate numerical delta method for non-linear predictions.
plot-methodsplots for an stpm2 fit
popmortBackground mortality rates for the colon dataset.
predict-methodsPredicted values for an stpm2 or pstpm2 fit
predictnlGeneric function for non-linear prediction.
predictnl.defaultDefault implementation of the 'predictnl' generic function.
predictnl-methods~~ Methods for Function predictnl ~~
predict.nsxEvaluate a Spline Basis
pstpm2Penalised generalised survival model
pstpm2-classClass "pstpm2"
residuals-methodsResidual values for an stpm2 or pstpm2 fit
rstpm2-internalInternal functions for the rstpm2 package.
Rstpm2-packageFlexible parametric survival models.
stpm2Fully parametric generalised survival model
stpm2-classClass "stpm2" ~~~
tvcCoxph-classClass '"tvcCoxph"'
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