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Evaluate Treatment Selection Biomarkers

calibratemethod for calibrating trtsel objects
calibrate.trtselassess model calibration of a trtsel object
comparemethod to compare trtsel objects
compare.trtselcompare the performance of two treatment selection markers
evaluatea method for evaluating a trtsel object
evaluate.trtselevaluate the performance of one or more biomarkers for their...
is.trtselis x a trtsel object?
plot.trtselplot risk curves, treatment effect curves or cdf of risk for...
print.calibrate.trtselprint a trtsel object a trtsel object
print.eval.trtselprint a trtsel object
print.trtselprint a trtsel object
print.trtsel_summary_measuresprint output from 'trtsel_measures'
surv_tsdatasample data for R package TreatmentSelection
TreatmentSelection-packageEvaluate markers used to guide patient treatment selection...
trtselcreate a trtsel object
trtsel_measuresa simple function to estimate performance measures for a rule...
tsdatasample data for R package TreatmentSelection
tsdata_ccsample nested case-control data for R package...
tsdata_sccsample stratified nested case-control data for R package...
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