Man pages for mdelhey/mdutils
Utilities for dealing with data.
add.biasAdd bias column to data matrix
add_sqlAdd additional SQL command or SET
any.naFor each col in a df, see if there are any NA's in that col.
as.numeric.colsCast specific columns as numeric
as.vecas vector
audience_mapaudience map generated using ini files in sem-manager data
avglastaverage last l values
bayes.exp.hier.meanbayesian exponential estimate
bayes.exp.meanalpha observations that sum to beta
bstrapbootstrap a statistic for a vector
casescase statement stolen from \textbfmemisc package
centerCenter a numeric vector by subtracting off its mean.
check_diskcheck if adequate disk space exists
check_sudocheck if R process has sudo power
chunk.dsChunk date range into given size. The last chunk may contain...
clean_sqlclean query text
clean.sqlclean query text
coalesceCoalesce two or more vectors Replaces missing values of first...
collapcollapse vector for use with sql. Default output is string...
collapse_char_vecalias 'to easily collapse (character) vector to hive (string)...
compound_revenuecompound revenue for a given period
emperical.derivativeDerivative estimation of 1d function Uses change-in-y /...
extrapolate_daysdetermine growth within month
extrapolate_monthexpand monthly revenue to daily revenue
fit_bsmfit basic structural model
flastapply function f to last l values
format.percentConvert proportion to percent string.
fortnightCalculate fortnight-in-year. Similar to lubridate::week
get_diskget disk space on unix...
get_hiveretrieve hive query results as data.frame WARNING: This...
get_hive_headerget column names of a hive table for tar.hive
get_hive_tblread hive table to r data.frame
get_hostnamefind system hostname taken from R.utils package
get_htblget all rows from a table
get_qryget query
get_tblget all rows from a table
get_usernamefind system username taken from R.utils pacakge
ggacfggacf 'acf' plot using ggplot2 See: <URL:...
ggcolorggcolor Recreate ggplot2 colors for arbitrary number of...
gghistgghist 'hist' plot using ggplot2 using the 'hist' default...
hiverun hive command
hive_systemrun the hive system command with specific envrionment as sem...
hive_voidrun hive command without return
hive_void_filerun hql file without return
hpd.intervaltaken from coda package
importanceGeneric dispatch for importance importance for cv.glmnet fit Importance determined...
importance.glmnetVariable importance for glmnet fit Importance determined by...
importance.lmVariable importance for lm fit Importance determined by...
insert.sqlgenerate sql insert statement from dataframe
lagsextend dplyr to multiple lags
lastGet last element of object.
log_errorerror logging
log_error_devdeveloper error logging
log_infoinfo logging alias for log_message
log_messagegeneric logging
log_warnwarn logging
mamoving average
mem_changeDetermine change in memory from running code
mem_usagememory usage
model.binomial.boundsbinomial model (proportion) lower/upper bounds for univariate...
model.normal.boundsnormal model (t test) using raw vector lower/upper bounds for...
model.normal.bounds.ssnormal model (t test) using summary statistics lower/upper...
node_sizenode size
nperiodCalculate period-in-year where period can be defined by an...
null_framecreate a null data frame that contains a value for each...
null_joinjoin with null data frame, coalesce measure columns
package_installedcheck if packaged is installed
package_loadedcheck if package is loaded
parse_dknparse date_key_new (dkn)
parse_headerparse and shift first row as header
percentConvert proportion to percent string.
print.bytesprint bytes
ptableproportional table
randdisplay random elements or rows
ratio.mean.estestimate E[X/Y] using taylor series approximation...
ratio.var.estestimate Var[X/Y] using taylor series approximation...
read_iniread ini file stolen from \textbfraster package
read_sqlread sql query from file WITH variables and cleaning
read.sqlread sql query from file WITH variables and cleaning
read_sql_rawread raw sql query from file. Header is useful for setting...
read.sql.rawread raw sql query from file. Header is useful for setting...
relcumRelative cummulative summary
relcumsumRelative cummulative summation
remove_commentsremove query comments Inf values in vector
repl.naReplace NA values in vector
rescaleRescale a matrix or data frame Standardise each column to...
safe_dividesafe divide
sampSample n rows from a dataframe. Works just like head/tail.
sample.varSample variance (unbiased)
save_tblsave r data.frame to sql table
send_emailWrapper for sending email using mutt.
send.emailWrapper for sending email using mutt.
set_hive_clusterset hive cluster
set_tempfilelogic for special cases
set_warehouse_pathset warehouse path
show_bytesshow bytes byte size of r object
sort.absSort by absolute value using base::sort
sphereSphere data. This is a stronger enforcement than scaling as...
spline.derivativeDerivative estimation of 1d function
split.dataSplit data into arbitrary partitions
sumlastsum last l values
summarize.coefficient.matrixSummarize a coefficient matrix
summarizeffdplyr summary simplifier summarizes columns using a single...
theme_mdelheytheme_mdelhey Minimal ggplot2 theme based off of theme_tufte...
theme_tuftetheme_tufte <URL:...
timer_startstart function timer
timer_stopstop function timer
transfertransfer from swt to tamp
try_logtry logging Try something and exit with a log message if it...
var_subsubstitute variables in string
var.subsubstitute variables in string
viator_audience_mapviator audience map generated manually from google adwords
viator_urltype_mapviator urltype map generated manually
vsubVariable substitution Substitute named variables
which.infSubset a vector to its values which are INF
which.naSubset a vector to its values which are NA.
write_tblwrite table
xl_createcreate a workbook
xl_manualmnaually write formula
xl_manual2mnaually write formula
xl_sheetwrite xl sheet
xl_weightswrite xl weights sheet
xl_writeWrite data to region
zero_checkzero check
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