multiOptsDfePage: Call Appropriate Create Dfe Page Function and Send Data to...

Description Usage Arguments Value

View source: R/multi_opts_dfe_page.R


Depending on the number of options the gamble has, different create page functions are needed and different information has to be sent to the browser. This function takes care of this such that independend of the number of options only one function has to be called to set up the html and javascript logic.


multiOptsDfePage(ctrlVals, session, container, signalColors, ...)



list of reactive values. Controls the flow through the Experiment. Can be created with createCtrlList.


The session object of the shiny app.


list. Output of createDfeList containing the outcome values to be displayed in a trial.


numeric. Controls the color of the outcome values displayed. There are two options: 1 means negative values will be displayed in red zeros in gray and positive values in green. A value other than 1 means that all outcomes are displayed in black.


Further arguments passed to the nOptDfePage function called (e.g. twoOptDfePage).


An html page that can be displayed by the shiny app. Also information will be sent to javascript to animate the page.

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