Man pages for mdsumner/angstroms
Tools for 'ROMS' the Regional Ocean Modeling System

angstromsTools for ROMS model output.
antarcticaAntarctica simple coastline.
coords_pointsCreate SpatialPoints.
create_transportCreate "transport" file for Atlantis.
cropromsCrop a ROMS layer
ice_fakeFake model data.
pipePipe operator
plot_cgrid The rho-grid represents...
rawdataRead the variable as is
romsboundaryBoundary polygon from raster of coordinates.
romscoordsExtract coordinate arrays from ROMS.
romsdataROMS single slice 2D layer Extract a data layer from ROMS by...
romsdepthCoordinates at depth
romsmapRemap an object to the ROMS grid.
romsrotateRotate 'ROMS' vectors
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