Man pages for mdsumner/sc
A Common Form for Complex Data

ARCARC model
compact_indexesCompact form, structural indexing
expand_indexesExpand indexes from structural compaction
flight_tracksFlight tracks
inlandwatersInland waters, for parts of Australia, and New Caledonia.
minimal_meshMinimal mesh.
mmeshDeprecated data set.
polymeshPolygonal mesh
SCThe universal model
SC0core silicate
sc_arcArc-node topology.
sc_coordCoordinate decomposition
sc-deprecatedDeprecated functions from silicate.
sc_nodeNodes for arc-node topology.
sc_objectObjects, features
sc_pathPath decomposition
sc_segmentGiven a 'PATH" model decompose to 1-dimensional primitives...
sc_uidUnique labels
sc_vertexExtract unique vertices
sfzooSimple features zoo.
TRITRI model, triangulations
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