Man pages for menggf/DEComplexDisease
A tool for differential expression analysis and DEGs based investigation to complex diseases by bi-clustering analysis

ann.erER status annotation
bi.degTransformation an expression matrix to binary differential...
clBinary patient annotation (part)
cluster.modseed-based module analysis (part)
cluster.modulePredict the DEGs modules shared by patients
degDEG matrix of breast cancer (part)
deg.spcThe patient-specific DEGs (part)
deg.specificPredict the patient-specific DEGs using bi-clustering...
expexpression matrix of breast cancer (part)
module.compareCompare and plot the overlap among predicted modules
module.curveDisplay the patient-gene numbers during bi-clustering...
module.exactExtract the patients and genes from module
module.modelingPredict and report the proper gene-patient number of...
module.overlapPlot the overlap among predicted DEG modules
module.screenScreen the feature patients or genes in predicted modules
Plot.cluster.modulePlot the DEGs modules
Plot.degPlot the DEGs before or after cross-validation
Plot.deg.specificPlot the DEGs before or after cross-validation
Plot.deg.specific.testPlot the DEGs before or after cross-validation
Plot.seed.modulePlot the DEGs modules shared by patients
res.mod1clustered module 1
res.mod2clustered module 1
seed.modseed-based module analysis (part)
seed.modulePredict the DEGs modules shared by patients
summarize.cluster.moduleSummarize the DEG modules
summarize.deg.specificSummarize the patient-specific DEGs
summarize.seed.moduleSummarize the DEG modules
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