Man pages for metno/gibson
get in-situ observations

crs_transformtransformation of coordinates between coordinate reference...
fmi_getURLFMI API url to download data
fmi_opendata_assemblerdownload FMI in-situ data and format the output
fmi_opendata_translate_oldElementCodestranslate MET Norway oldElementCodes into FMI API standards
fmi_station_listdownload FMI station list
frost_assemblerdownload MET Norway in-situ data and format the output
frost_create_ObsTimestampget observation timestamps for Frost data
frost_removeDuplicatesremove duplicate records from Frost API data
frost_translate_oldElementCodestranslate oldElementCodes into Frost API standards
gibson_fmi_opendataget FMI in-situ data
gibson_frostget MET Norway in-situ data
gibson_smhi_opendataget SMHI in-situ data
gibson_textfileget metadata and observations from text files
Rdate2strConversion between date-time strings and R date-time objects
replaceDatereplace elements of a string with date and time elements
smhi_opendata_assemblerdownload SMHI in-situ data and format the output
smhi_opendata_translate_oldElementCodestranslate oldElementCodes into smhi_opendata API standards
str2nctConvert between date character strings and netcdf time format
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