Man pages for metrumresearchgroup/covrpage
Create a Readme Summary Page for GitHub testthat and covr Outputs

coverage_skipRun covr with failing tests
covr_logQuery 'git log' for code coverage history
covrpageRender covrpage
covrpage_cicovrpage for travis
covrpage_logQuery 'git log' for covrpage history
covrpage_snapshotRun covrpage on a GitHub Repository
covr_summarySummary outputs for covr object
make_badgeCreate covrpage Badge
map_testMap the hierarchy structure of a testthat test file
map_testthatMap the hierarchy structure of testthat directory
map_testthat_snapshotRun map_testthat on a GitHub Repository
pipeRe-export magrittr pipe operators
sinfoimportFrom utils sessionInfo packageVersion
tencryptEncrypt Travis environment variables
testthat_summarySummary outputs for testthat object
use_covrpageAdd covrpage to Travis CI for a git directory
use_covrpage_vignetteCreate a vignette for covrpage
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