Man pages for metrumresearchgroup/mrgsolve
Simulate from ODE-Based Models

aboutsolverAbout the lsoda differential equation solver used by mrgsolve
as_data_setCreate a simulation data set from ev objects
as_deslistCreate a list of designs from a data frame
as.evCoerce an object to class ev
as.list-mrgmod-methodCoerce a model object to list
as.list-mrgsims-methodCoerce an mrgsims object to list
BLOCK_PARSEFunctions to parse code blocks
blocksReturn the code blocks from a model specification file
camaRun the model cama function
carry_outSelect items to carry into simulated output
cmt_list-classS4 cmt_list class
cmtnGet the compartment number from a compartment name
codeExtract the code from a model
cvecCreate create character vectors
data_setSelect and modify a data set for simulation
designSet observation designs for the simulation
detailsExtract model details
env_evalRe-evaluate the code in the ENV block
env_getReturn model environment
env_lsList objects in the model environment
env_updateUpdate objects in model environment
evEvent objects for simulating PK and other interventions
ev_assignReplicate a list of events into a data set
ev-classS4 events class
ev_daysSchedule dosing events on days of the week
ev_dplyrdplyr verbs for event objects
ev_extractSelect columns from an ev object
ev_methodsVarious methods for event objects
ev_opsOperations for ev objects
ev_repReplicate an event object
ev_repeatRepeat a block of dosing events
ev_rxCreate intervention objects from Rx input
ev_seqSchedule a series of event objects
exdatasetsExample input data sets
expand.idataCreate template data sets for simulation
expand_observationsInsert observations into a data set
file_showShow model specification and C++ files
houseReturn a pre-compiled, PK/PD model
idata_setSelect and modify a idata set for simulation
initMethods for working with the model compartment list
inventoryCheck whether all required parameters needed in a model are...
is.mrgmodCheck if an object is a model object
is.mrgsimsCheck if an object is mrgsim output
knobsRun sensitivity analysis on model settings
lctranConvert select upper case column names to lower case to...
loadsoLoad the model shared object
lower2matrixCreate a square numeric matrix from the lower-triangular...
matlistMethods for working with matrix-list objects
matlist-classS4 class matlist
matlist_opsOperations with matlist objects
matrix_convertersCoerce R objects to block or diagonal matrices
matrix_helpersCreate matrices from vector input
mcodeWrite, compile, and load model code
mcRNGSet RNG to use L'Ecuyer-CMRG
mergeMerge two lists
modReturn the model object
modelparseParse model specification text
modlibInternal model library
modlib_detailsmodlib: PK/PD Model parameters, compartments, and output...
modlib_pkmodlib: Pharmacokinetic models
modlib_pkpdmodlib: Pharmacokinetic / pharmacodynamic models
modlib_tmddmodlib: Target mediated disposition model
modlib_viralmodlib: HCV viral dynamics models
modMATRIXCreate a matrix
mreadRead a model specification file
mrgmod-classS4 class for mrgsolve model object
mrgmod_extractSelect parameter values from a model object
mrgsimSimulate from a model object
mrgsim_qSimulate from a model object with quicker turnaround
mrgsimsMethods for working with 'mrgsims' objects
mrgsims-classS4 class for mrgsolve simulation output
mrgsims_dplyrMethods for handling output with dplyr verbs
mrgsim_variantsmrgsim variant functions
mvgaussSimulate from a multivariate normal distribution with mean...
names-mrgmod-methodGet all names from a model object
nmxmlGet THETA, OMEGA and SIGMA from a completed NONMEM run
numeric2diagCreate a diagonal numeric matrix from diagonal elements
numericlistMethods for numericlist
numericlist-classS4 class numeric list
numerics_onlyPrepare data.frame for input to mrgsim
obsaugAugment observations in the simulated output
obsonlyCollect only observations in the simulated output
omegaManipulate OMEGA matrices
paramCreate and work with parameter objects
parameter_list-classS4 parameter_list class
plot_batch_mrgsimsPlot method for mrgsims objects
plot_mrgsimsGenerate a quick plot of simulated data
plot_simsPlot data as an mrgsims object
qsimBasic, simple simulation from model object
read_nmextExtract estimates from NONMEM ext file
realize_addlMake addl doses explicit in an event object or data set
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
renderRender a model to a document
ReqRequest simulated output
reservedReserved words
revarGet model random effect variances and covariances
scrape_and_callScrape options and pass to function
scrape_optsScrape options from a code block
seePrint model code to the console
show-cmt_list-methodShow the compartment list
show-mrgmod-methodPrint model details
show-parameter_list-methodShow the parameter list
sigmaManipulate SIGMA matrices
simargsAccess or clear arguments for calls to mrgsim
solocReturn the location of the model shared object
solversettingsOptional inputs for lsoda
stimeGet the times at which the model will be evaluated
summary.mrgmodPrint summary of a mrgmod object
tgridCreate a simtime object
tgrid_opsOperations with tgrid objects
touch_funsGet inits from compiled function
tscaleRe-scale time in the simulated output
updateUpdate the model object
valid_data_setValidate and prepare a data sets for simulation
valid_idata_setValidate and prepare idata data sets for simulation
wf_sweepSimulate a sequence of parameters
zchainForward pipe
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