Man pages for mfasiolo/mgcViz
Visualisations for Generalized Additive Models

check0DChecking GAM simulated residuals or responses
check1DChecking GAM residuals or responses along one covariate
check2DChecking GAM residuals along two covariates
check.gamVizSome diagnostics for a fitted gam model the CDF of a gam family
gammVFit a GAMM or GAMM4 model and get a gamViz object
gamVFit a GAM model and get a gamViz object
getGamConvert gamViz object to gamObject
getVizConverting gam objects to gamViz objects
gridPrintPlotting plotSmooth objects on a grid
l_boundAdd boundaries to smooth effect plot
l_ciBarAdding confidence intervals to barplots
l_ciLineAdding confidence intervals to effect plot
l_ciPolyAdding confidence band to effect plots
l_clusterLineCluster and plot smooth effects
l_coordContourAdding coordinate lines
l_dens1DAdding density estimate to a plot
l_dens2DAdding density estimate heatmap
l_densCheckChecking residuals conditional density
l_fitBarAdding barplot to effect plots
l_fitContourAdding fitted effect contour lines
l_fitDensAdding density strip of fitted effect
l_fitLineAdd fitted smooth effect curve
l_fitPointsAdding points representing the fitted effect
l_fitRasterAdding raster representing the fitted effect
l_glyphs2DAdding glyphs to 2D plots
l_gridCheck1DBinning and checking GAM residuals
l_gridCheck2DBinning and checking GAM residuals
l_gridQCheck1DChecking sign of residuals along one covariate
l_gridQCheck2DBinning and checking QGAM residuals
l_histAdding histogram to a plot
listLayersLists available layers for plotSmooth objects
l_pointsAdd points to plot
l_polyAdd polygons to effect plots
l_pvContourAdding contour of p-values
l_pvRasterAdding raster or heat-map of p-values
l_rugAdding rug to margins of a plot
l_simLineAdd simulated smooth effect curves
l_vlineAdding vertical line to a plot
mqgamVFit multiple QGAM models and get a mgamViz object
plotDiffGeneric plotting of differences
plotDiff.mgcv.smooth.1DPlotting differences between two 1D smooth effects
plotDiff.mgcv.smooth.2DPlotting differences between two 2D smooth effects
plotDiff.sos.smoothPlotting differences between two smooths on the sphere
plot.fs.interaction.1DPlotting one dimensional smooth factor interactions
plot.gamVizBasic GAM plotting
plot.mgamVizPlotting multiple quantile GAMs
plot.mgcv.smooth.1DPlotting one dimensional smooth effects
plot.mgcv.smooth.2DPlotting two dimensional smooth effects
plot.mgcv.smooth.MDPlotting slice of higher-dimensional smooth effects
plot.mrf.smoothPlotting Markov random field smooths
plot.ptermFactorPlotting factor or logical parametric effects
plot.ptermInteractionPlotting parametric interactions
plot.ptermNumericPlotting numeric parametric effects
plot.random.effectPlotting random effects
plotRGLGeneric RGL plotting function
plotRGL.mgcv.smooth.2DVisualizing 2D smooth effects in 3D
plotRGL.mgcv.smooth.MDVisualizing a 2D slice of a smooth effects in 3D
plotSlicePlotting sequence of slices of 2D smooth effect
plot.sos.smoothPlotting smooths on the sphere
postSimPosterior simulation from a GAM object
print.checkGamPrinting the output of check.gamViz
print.plotGamPrinting the output of plot.gamViz
print.plotSmoothPrinting plots of smooth effects
print.qqGamPrinting the output of qq.gamViz
ptermExtracting parametric effects from a GAM model
qgamVFit a QGAM model and get a gamViz object
qqGeneric QQ plots
qq.gamVizQQ plots for gam model residuals
qqplotsQuantile-Quantile Plots
residuals.gamVizGeneralized Additive Model residuals
shineGeneric shine function
shine.qqGamShiny QQ-plots for GAMs
simulate.gamSimulating responses from a GAM object
smExtracting a smooth effect from a GAM model
zoomGeneric zooming function
zoom.qqGamEfficiently zooming on GAM QQ-plots
zto1Constructing a decreasing function from (0,1) to (0,1)
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