Man pages for michaelkriegsman/PlotDiDiSTATIS
Plot results of the package, DiDiSTATIS

add.alphaAdd transparency to a color
PlotConfusionPlot a confusion matrix
PlotConfusion_norm_SignedCtrbPlot the signed contribution to Chi2
Plot_DiDiSTATIS_Boot_centered_CIs_bPlot histogram of permtuted squared distance from Groups to...
Plot_DiDiSTATIS_Boot_centered_CIs_BDPlot histogram of permtuted squared distance from Groups to...
PlotDiDiSTATIS_Boot_TablesPlot results from bootstrap resampling of Tables for...
Plot_DiDiSTATIS_Fab..Plot FAB.. (Discriminant Grand Factor Scores)
Plot_DiDiSTATIS_FabCdPlot FabCd (Discriminant Group Partial Factor Scores)
Plot_DiDiSTATIS_Fab.dPlot FaB.d (Discriminant Group Partial Factor Scores)
Plot_DiDiSTATIS_FaB.d_v2Plot FaB.d_v2 (Discriminant Group Partial Factor Scores)
Plot_DiDiSTATIS_F.b..Plot F.b.. (Barycentric Grand Factor Scores)
Plot_DiDiSTATIS_F.bCdPlot F.bCd (Discriminant Group Partial Factor Scores)
Plot_DiDiSTATIS_F.b.dPlot F.B.D (Barycentric Group Partial Factor Scores)
Plot_DiDiSTATIS_Perm_r2_Categories..Plot histogram of permtuted r^2_Categories
Plot_DiDiSTATIS_Perm_r2_Categories.DPlot histogram of permtuted r^2_Categories
Plot_DiDiSTATIS_Perm_r2_Groups_bPlot histogram of permtuted r^2_Groups
Plot_DiDiSTATIS_Perm_r2_Groups_DiscPlot histogram of permtuted r^2_Groups
Plot_DiDiSTATIS_Perm_r2_Plain_b_..Plot histogram of permtuted r^2_Categories
Plot_DiDiSTATIS_Perm_r2_Plain_b_.dPlot histogram of permtuted r^2_Plain_b_.d
Plot_DiDiSTATIS_Perm_r2_Plain_Disc_..Plot histogram of permtuted r^2_Categories
Plot_DiDiSTATIS_Perm_r2_Plain_Disc_.dPlot histogram of permtuted r^2_Plain_Disc_.d
Plot_DiMDS_F.bPlot F.b
Plot_DiMDS_FdiscPlot Fdisc
Plot_DiMDS_Perm_Rows_r2disc_perm.b_permPlot results from test of Null Hypothesis on Rows
Plot_DiMDS_Perm_Rows_r2plain.b_permPlot results from test of Null Hypothesis on Rows
Plot_DiMDS_Perm_Rows_r2plain.disc_permPlot results from test of Null Hypothesis on Rows
PlotDiMDS_SH_RowsPlot results from SH on the Rows of DiMDS
Plot_DiMDS_SSabPlot SSab
Plot_DiMDS_SS.bPlot SS.b
Plot_DiMDS_SSdiscPlot SSdisc
PlotDiSTATISPlot results of DiSTATIS
Plot_DiSTATIS_FPlot DiSTATIS Compromise Factor Scores
Plot_DiSTATIS_F_BPlot DiSTATIS Compromise Factor Scores
Plot_DiSTATIS_F_BDPlot DiSTATIS Compromise Factor Scores
Plot_DiSTATIS_F_ColoredPlot DiSTATIS Compromise Factor Scores
Plot_DiSTATIS_FiKPlot DiSTATIS Partial Factor Scores
Plot_DiSTATIS_F_PlainPlot DiSTATIS Compromise Factor Scores
PlotHiDiSTATISPlot results of HiDiSTATIS
Plot_HiDiSTATIS_Boot_centered_CIsPlot histogram of permtuted squared distance from Groups to...
Plot_HiDiSTATIS_Boot_centered_examplePlot histogram of permtuted squared distance from Groups to...
Plot_HiDiSTATIS_F..Plot F.. (HiDiSTATIS Grand Compromise Factor Scores)
Plot_HiDiSTATIS_F.dPlot F.d (Group Factor Scores)
Plot_HiDiSTATIS_FiCdPlot FiCd (Grand Factor Scores)
Plot_HiDiSTATIS_Perm_d2Plot histogram of permtuted squared distance from Groups to...
Plot_HiDiSTATIS_Perm_r2_GroupsPlot histogram of permtuted r^2_Groups
Plot_HistPlot histogram
PlotHMFAPlot results of HMFA
Plot_HMFA_F..Plot F.. (Grand Factor Scores)
Plot_HMFA_F.dPlot F.d (Group Factor Scores)
Plot_HMFA_FiCdPlot FiCd (Grand Factor Scores)
PlotMFAPlot results of MFA
Plot_MFA_FPlot MFA Consensus Factor Scores
Plot_MFA_FiKPlot MFA Partial Factor Scores
Plot_MFA_F.kPlot MFA Partial Factor Scores
Print_res2ppt_DiDiSTATISPrint standard DiDiSTATIS results
Print_res2ppt_DiSTATISPrint standard DiSTATIS results
Segments_from_toShortcut to draw line segments between points
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