Man pages for michaelpmcdonald/noggin
Tools for Scoring, Analysis, and Modeling Common Cognitive Tasks

bootCorBootstrap correlation coefficients from two vectors of...
bootSummaryBootstrap statistical summaries
describeSimple descriptor function
dScoreCalculate a D score based on vectors of means, SDs, and Ns
iat_findOrderFind compatibility order of IAT
iat_flagErrorFlag Error Rate (IAT)
iat_flagSpeedFlag subjects for excessive speed
metaBootCorBootstrap correlation coefficients from two vectors of...
parseEdatParse ePrime .txt logfile
precedentPrecedent - takes a vector and returns the value of the...
print.summary.simonPrint method for Simon experiments
read_mergeRead and merge files of a particular type, useful when...
summary.simonSummary method for Simon task
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