Man pages for michbur/tidysq
Tidy Processing and Analysis of Biological Sequences

alphabetGet alphabet of given sq object.
as.character.sqConvert sq object into character vector
as.matrix.sqConvert sq object into matrix
as.sqConvert an object to sq
biteSubset sequences from sq objects
collapseCollapse multiple sequences into one
complementCreate complement sequence from dnasq or rnasq object
equals-.sqCompare sq objects
export_sqExport sq objects into other formats
find_invalid_lettersFind elements which are not suitable for specified type.
find_motifsFind given motifs
get_sq_lengthsGet lengths of sequences in sq object
get_standard_alphabetGet standard alphabet for given type.
get_tidysq_optionsObtain current state of tidysq options
grapes-has-grapesTest sq object for presence of given motifs
import_sqImport sq objects from other objects
is_empty_sqTest if sequence is empty
is.sqCheck if object has specified type
pastePaste sequences in string-like fashion
random_sqGenerate random sequences
read_fastaRead a FASTA file
remove_ambiguousRemove sequences that contain ambiguous elements
remove_naRemove sequences that contain NA values
reverseReverse sequence
sqConstruct sq object from character vector
sqapplyApply function to each sequence
sq-classsq: class for keeping biological sequences tidy
sqconcatenateConcatenate sq objects
sqextractExtract parts of a sq object
sqprintPrint sq object
sq_typeGet type of an sq object
substitute_lettersSubstitute letters in a sequence
tidysq-packagetidysq: tidy analysis of biological sequences
translateConvert DNA or RNA into proteins using genetic code
typifySet type of an sq object
write_fastaSave sq to fasta file
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