Man pages for michelk/logbuch.R
Summarize workday log-files

applyOnLevelsapply function on levels of data.frame
applyOnSecondLevelgo over levels and apply certain function
calcWorkHoursCalculates the hours per week and topic for a given...
cleanWdLogFieldremove any whitespace or tab
dfSumStatcalculate row and column sums and append them
integrateTimeIntegrate a time-series in time
isWeekendCheck, if a day is on weekend
list.wdfilesList workday-log-files
logbuch-packagePackage for handling workday log record files
logbuchServerProvider of the logbuch server
logbuchUIProvider of the logbuch user-interface
lookupProjectslookup (sub-) projects number
parseCalFileParse a unix '.cal'-file
plotAggregatedDataPlot aggregated data with 'integrateTime'
plotWorkTsPlot a work-week data-frame
procCliProcess command-line arguments
procProjectHoursProcess project-hours
procWorkerHoursprocess worker Hours
readDayReads in a day record and returns and object of class...
readDayFileRead in a day record file ('.wdlog')
readProjConfread project configuration in yaml
readWdlogCsvRead wdlog-data in csv-format
readWdlogFilesRead a series of '.wdlog'-files
runLogbuchApprun the logbuch server
selectWdFilesSelect wdlog-files lying in certain range
subsetAndIntegrateSubset and integrate dataset
summarizeTusSummarize a hours of a certain time-unit
summarizeWdFilessummarize workdays
sumSubProjectssum hours of subprojects and concat desc
tStampToHoursconvert time stamps to durations
wdlogHeaderCreate a header-line for wdlog-files
wideToLongDataconvert from long-format to wide
writeWdlogwrite data-frame into wdlog-format
writeXlsxwrapper function to write custom xlsx
yearWorkHoursCalculate year hours
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