Man pages for mickash/Adaptive-Bayesian-Networks
Adaptive Bayesian Networks.

adaptAdapt parameters
adapt.dirichletAdapt parameters for dirichlet node
adapt.flagAdapt parameters for flag node
adapt.flagprodAdapt parameters for flagprod node
adapt.logandAdapt parameters for logical and node
adapt.logorAdapt parameters for logical or node
adapt.logprodAdapt parameters for logprod node
adapt.noisyorAdapt parameters of noisy or node
addEdgeAdd an edge into/a parent to a node
addEdgeDirichletAdd an edge into/a parent to a dirichlet node
addEdgeNoisyOrAdd an edge into/a parent to a noisy-or node
addInformationToMetaDataAdd information to metadata table
addInformationToMetaResultsAdd information to metaresults table
addInformationToNetworksAdd network information to networks table
addNodeAdd node to network
addOrRestoreVariableAdd or restore variable to data tables
addVariableToDataMasterAdd variable to master data tables
analyzeAnalyze network
analyzerCreate an analysis object
backwardsSampleGenerate backward sample for node
bayesnetBayes net constructor
calculate.dprobCalculate dirichlet probability
calculate.pindices.noisyorCalculate parameter jump table for noisy or node
calculate.posterioriCalcalate posteriori distribution for node
calculate.rowCalculate the row in parameters for given parent values
checkResultsForItemCheck results for item.
clearAllDataRemove all entries from data tables for a network.
clearAllImagesRemove all entries from image table for a network.
clearAllResultsRemove all entries from result tables for a network.
clearDatabaseClear all ABN tables in a database.
cloneBayesnetBayes net cloner
clone_inference_managementClone inference management object
cloneTableInfoClone table information object
closeAllODBCConnectionsClose all open ODBC connections
closeODBCConnectionClose an open ODBC connection
CompletePackageTestComplete Package Test
createDataTableCreate Data table
createDataTablesCreate Data tables
createDataViewCreate Data view
createDataViewsCreate Data views
createImageTableCreate image table
createLogTableCreate a database's log table
createMetadataTableCreate a database's metadata table
createMetaresultsTableCreate a database's metaresults table
createNetworksTableCreate a database's network table
createNodesTableCreate a database's nodes table
createResultTableCreate Result table
createResultTablesCreate Result tables
createTableInfoCreate table information object
dbmsinfoCreate database information object.
debugClearDatabaseA debug wrapper function for clearing the database.
debugInitializeDatabaseA debug wrapper function for initilizing the database.
deepUpdateOnEdgeAddedPerform a deep update after adding an edge
deepUpdateOnEdgeRemovedPerform a deep update after removing an edge
deepUpdateOnNodeAddedPerform a deep update after adding a node
deepUpdateOnNodeRemovedPerform a deep update after removing a node.
defaultDiagnosticsFunctionA Default Diagnostics Function
dirichletDirichlet node constructor
dropResultsDelete results
find.loopFind a loop in graph
flagConstructor for flag node
genGenerate random value
gen.dirichletGenerate random value for a dirichlet node
gen.flagGenerate random value for a flag node
gen.flagprodGenerate random value for a flagprod node
genFromRowGenerate value from parameters row
gen.logandGenerate random value for a logand node
gen.logorGenerate random value for a logor node
gen.logprodGenerate random value for a logprod node
gen.noisyorGenerate random value for a noisy or node
getChildrenGet the children of a node
getClosestToTimeGet a value from a time
getDataFamiliesList data families in database
getDebugODBCConnectionA debug wrapper function for connecting to the database.
getDescendentsGet Descendents
getEdgesGet the edges present in a network
getLogEntriesGet log entries
getMiscStringS3 generic function for getting the parameters from a node.
getMutualInformationEstimate mutual information
getMySQLConnectionStringA debug wrapper function for connecting to the mySQL...
getNetworkRetrieve a network from a connection
getNetworksList networks in database
getODBCConnectionOpen an ODBC connection
getParameters1S3 generic function for getting the parameters from a node.
getParameters2S3 generic function for getting the parameters from a node.
getParameters3S3 generic function for getting the parameters from a node.
getRequiredAuxiliaryPlacesS3 generic function for serialization
getSQLServerConnectionStringA debug wrapper function for connecting to the SQL Server...
get.values.bayesnetGet the number of values for the specified nodes
getVariableNamesAndValuesInDataTablesGet names and number of values of variables in data tables
getVariableNamesAndValuesInMetaTablesGet names and number of values of variables in meta tables
getVariableNamesAndValuesInResultTablesGet names and number of values of variables in result tables
inference_managementCreate inference management object
initializeDatabaseCreate required tables for a database.
isDAGCheck that graph is a dag
logandConstructor for logical and node
makeCommandArgumentsMake command arguments
makeDebugSettingsA debug wrapper function for creating inference settings
makeExternalInferenceSettingsMake external inference settings
makeMutexMake a mutual exclusion disambiguation matrix
make_v_StringsMake V-Strings
make_vv_StringsMake variable-value strings
makeWeightedMutexMake a weighted mutual exclusion disambiguation matrix
my.maxNULL-safe Maximizer
my.minNULL-safe Minimizer
networksUsingDataTableFind networks associated with a master data table.
noisyorNoisy Or constructor
numberOfNetworksUsingDataTableFind number of networks associated with a master data table.
parseWSSS_asIntegerVectorParse W(hite) S(pace) S(eparated) S(trings) as integer vector
parseWSSS_asStringVectorParse W(hite) S(pace) S(eparated) S(trings) as string vector
parseWSSS_DimensionsParse W(hite) S(pace) S(eparated) S(trings) for Dimensions
parseWSSS_ParamsParse W(hite) S(pace) S(eparated) S(trings) Params
performBatchMIRun the batch external MI test
performBatchMIDebugA debug wrapper function for performing batch MI.
performMIRun the external MI test
performMIDebugA debug wrapper function for performing MI.
performSamplingPerform sampling
performSampling_importanceSamplingMethods for importance sampling are: nat - sample nodes...
plot.bayesnetPlot a network
predict.bayesnetPerform inference on network
probGet probability of value given parents
prob.dirichletCalculate probability of value given parents for dirichlet...
prob.flagCalculate probability of value given parents for flag node
prob.flagprodCalculate probability of value given parents for flag product...
prob.logandCalculate probability of value given parents for logical and...
prob.logorCalculate probability of value given parents for logical or...
prob.logprodCalculate probability of value given parents for logical...
prob.noisyorGet probability noisy or node takes specified value given...
readDataRead data (evidence) from a network's data table
readResultsGet the posterior distributions for a network for a data...
recreateDataViewRecreate views of data tables for a network
recreateResultTablesRecreate result tables for a network
removeEdgeRemove an edge into/a parent to a node
removeEdgeDirichletRemove an edge into/a parent to a dirichlet node
removeEdgeNoisyOrRemove an edge into/a parent to a noisy-or node
removeNodeRemove node from network
restoreAndOverwriteRestore a network and overwrite another
restoreImageRestore a network's image
restoreImage_internalRestore a network's image
restoreTableInfoUnserialize table information object
rewindReadaptRewind and Readapt given feedback
serializeNetworkCreate required entries and tables for a network at a...
shallowUpdateOnNodeAddedAdd node to R Bayesnet object
shallowUpdateOnNodeRemovedRemove node from network
SqlQueryPerform an SQL query
startExternalInferenceStart external inference
stopAutomaticInferenceStop the external inference engine.
stopAutomaticInferenceB_debugA debug wrapper function for stopping external inference.
storeImageStore a network's image
summary.bayesnetGet summary of network
test.abnTest package
test.dirichletTest dirichlet node class and methods
test.flagTest flag class and methods
test.logandTest logical and class and methods
test.noisyorTest noisy or node class and methods
test.traitsTest a constructed node has the expected traits
unserializeNetworkUnserialize a network
unserializeNodeUnserialize Node
updateDataUpdate data
updateDatamapInDBUpdate datamap in database
updateImagesOnEdgeAddedUpdate images after adding an edge
updateImagesOnEdgeRemovedUpdate images after removing an edge
updateImagesOnNodeAddedUpdate images on node added
updateImagesOnNodeRemovedUpdate images on node removed
updateNetworkLayoutUpdate serialized network's layout
updateSerializedNetworkUpdate serialized network's nodes
validate.dirichletValidate parameters of dirichlet node
validate.flagValidate parameters of flag node
validate.flagprodValidate parameters of flagprod node
validate.logandValidate inputs for logical and node constructor
validate.logorValidate parameters of logor node
validate.logprodValidate parameters of logprod node
validate.noisyorValidate parameters of noisyor node
writeDataEnter data (evidence) into a network's data table
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