Man pages for mihock/iana
GUI for Item Analysis

basicDescrBasic Descriptive Statistics
classifyItemsClassify Items
classifyItemsMirtClassify Items for MIRT
dfEFADegrees of Freedom for a Factor Model
empICCEmpirical ICCs
factoranalysisPrincipal Components and Exploratory Factor Analysis
getDataFramesData Frames in Global Environment
getDataFramesIanaData Frames in Global Environment
getItemTextReturn the Labels Associated with Items
ggplotICC.RMICCs for Rasch Model
iana-packageGUI for Item Analysis and Scale Construction
mapTestVelicer's MAP Test
parallelAnalysisParallel analysis
plot.mapTestPlot mapTest Object
runianaRun Iana
setItemTextAssociate Text with Variables
tryCatch.W.ECatch and Save Both Errors and Warnings
tryPrintExprTry to Print Results of a Command
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