Man pages for mikajoh/stmprinter
Print Multiple STM Models To A File For Inspection

calc_giniCalculate gini coefficient
get_overviewGet overview of topics/runs
get_statsExtract semantic coherence and exclusivity form a list of...
many_modelsPerforms several STM estimations for different number of...
plot_conv_allPlot convergence for a list of stm models
plot_corrPlot topic correlation
plot_frexAlternative plotting of FREX
plot_gini_docsPlot gini coefficient of topics within documents
plot_gini_thetaPlot gini of documents within topics
plot_main_headerPlot the header on the first in plot_models.
plot_overviewPlot the overview used in plot_models
plot_prevAlternative plotting of topic prevelance
plot_semcohPlot semantic coherence and exclusivity for one model.
plot_semcoh_allPlot semantic coherence for all stm models
plot_thoughtsAlternative plotting of most representative texts
plot_titlePlot the title used in plot_models
print_modelsPrint a list of models to a multi-page pdf file.
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