Man pages for mike-lawrence/ezStan
Helper Functions for Stan

clean_stanDelete temporary files created by a Stan session
collect_stanCollect the results from a Stan session
get_condition_postCombine coefficient samples from a Stan model with the design...
get_contrast_matrixObtain a contrast matrix for a data set given a specified...
get_subject_indicesGet a table of start/end indices from subject label vector
halfhelmert_contrastsHalf-Helmert Contrasts
halfsum_contrastsHalf-sum Contrasts
kill_stanTerminate an errant Stan session
names_from_WBFigure out variable names given W & B contrast matrices
normalityA metric of normality
stan_summaryCompute a summary table for the posterior samples for a...
start_stanStart a Stan session
watch_stanWatch the progress of a Stan session
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