Man pages for mikejohnson51/HydroData

col_elevColor Palletes Usefull for NLCD, CDL and NED plotting
download.urlDownload data from URL via httr::GET
exploreExplore Spatial HydroData Objects
findAirportsFind Airport Data
findCDLFind Cropland Land Cover Data from the Cropand Data Layer
findGAGESIIFind GAGESII points and basins
findNearestAirportsFind the Airports nearest a point
findNearestCOMIDFind Neareast COMIDs
findNearestHUC12Find Neareast HUC12 boundaries
findNearestNWISFind Neareast NWIS stations
findNearestWaterbodiesFind Neareast NHD Waterbodies
findNEDFind National Elevation Data (NED)
findNHDFind National Hydrography River Networks
findNIDFind Dams in the US Army Core National Inventory (NID)
findNLCDFind National Land Cover Products (NLCD)
findNLDIGet NLDI Data
findNWISFind USGS NWIS Stream Gages
findRoadsFind US Census Bureau TIGER Road Networks
findSnotelFind USDA NRCS Snotel Stations
findSSURGOFind SSURGO Maps and Mapunit Aggregated Attributes
findWaterbodiesFind National Hydrography Dataset Waterbodies
findWaterPolyFind Water Polygon
findWBDFind Watershed Boundary Geometries (WBD/HUC)
meta.dataReturn HydroData Object metadata
pipere-export magrittr pipe operator
query_cidaCIDA Server Query
return.whatChoose what to return for HydroData Calls
saveHDSave File
snotelSnotel Stations
to_sfConvert Spatial HydroData Objects to Simple Features
usgsStationsUSGS NWIS station information
writeHDWrite Data to disk
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