Man pages for mikldk/disclapmix
Discrete Laplace Mixture Inference using the EM Algorithm

clusterdistCalculate distance between clusters
clusterprobCluster origin probabilities for haplotypes
contributor_pairsContributor pairs from a 2 person mixture
danesY-STR haplotypes
generate_mixtureGenerate a mixture
get_rankGet rank of pair
haplotype_diversityCalculate haplotype diversity from a disclapmixfit
plot.disclapmixfitPlot a disclapmixfit
plot.ranked_contrib_pairsPlot ranked contributor pairs
predict.disclapmixfitPredict from a disclapmixfit
print.contrib_pairsPrint contributor pairs
print.disclapmixfitPrint a disclapmixfit
print.ranked_contrib_pairsPrint ranked contributor pairs
rank_contributor_pairsSeparate a 2 person mixture
simulate.disclapmixfitSimulate from a disclapmixfit
summary.disclapmixfitSummary of a disclapmixfit
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