Man pages for miquelcaceres/vegclust
Fuzzy Clustering of Vegetation Data

as.membTurns into membership matrix
as.vegclustTurns into vegclust objects
avocaAvoca permanent plot dataset
CAPCumulative abundance profile (CAP)
CASCumulative abundance surface (CAS)
clustcentroidCluster centers of a classification
clustconstConstancy table of a classification
clustvarCluster variance
concordanceConcordance between two classifications
conformvegConform two community data tables
crossmembCross-table of two fuzzy classifications
defuzzifyDefuzzifies a fuzzy partition
hcrHeterogeneity-constrained random resampling (HCR)
hier.vegclustClustering with several number of clusters
incr.vegclustNoise clustering with increasing number of clusters
interclustdistCalculates the distance between pairs of cluster centroids
medregRegeneration of Mediterranean vegetation data set
plot.CAPDraws cummulative abundance profiles
plot.CASDraws a cummulative abundance surface
plot.mvegclustPlots clustering results
relate.levelsRelates two clustering level results.
stratifyvegdataReshapes community data from individual into stratified form
trajectoriesCommunity trajectory analysis
treedataSynthetic vegetation data set with tree data
vegclassClassifies vegetation communities
vegclustVegetation clustering methods
vegclust2kmeansReshapes as kmeans object
vegclustIndexCompute fuzzy evaluation statistics
vegclust-packageFuzzy Clustering of Vegetation Data Functions for fuzzy and...
vegdiststructStructural and compositional dissimilarity
wetlandWetland vegetation data set
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