Man pages for miracum/misc-dizutils
Utilities for 'DIZ' R Package Development

clean_path_nameclean_path_name helper function
cleanup_old_logfileArchives the current logfile and creates a new blank one.
close_all_connectionsCleanup function to unset/close all open connections
db_connectiondb_connection helper function
feedbackFunction to feedback messages either to the user and/or to...
feedback_get_formatted_stringFormat the feedback string
feedback_to_consolePrint to the console. Internal use.
feedback_to_logfileAdd to the logfile. Internal use.
feedback_to_logjsFeedback to the gui/browser-console with logjs. Internal use.
feedback_to_uiFeedback to the user with a modal. Internal use.
firstupConverts the first letter of the input string to uppercase
get_configget_config helper function
get_config_envget_config_env helper function
grapes-notin-grapesnotin helper function
query_databasequery_database helper function
set_env_varsset_env_vars helper function
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