Man pages for mitcda/raustats
Access data and statistics from the ABS and RBA websites

abs_cacheDownload updated list of datasets and dimensions information...
abs_cachelistDatasets available through the ABS API
abs_cachelist2tableConverts an abs_cachelist to abs_cachetable
abs_cat_downloadFunction to download files from the ABS website and store...
abs_cat_statsGet ABS catalogue series data
abs_cat_tablesReturn ABS catalogue tables
abs_cat_unzipUncompress locally-stored ABS Catalogue data file archives
abs_datasetsDownload updated data series information from the ABS API
abs_dimensionsReturn available dimensions of ABS series
abs_metadataDownload updated data series information from the ABS API
abs_read_tssRead ABS time series data file(s)
abs_searchSearch dataset information from the ABS.Stat API
abs_statsDownload data from the ABS API
abs_tablecacheList of ABS catalogue tables
aus_state_codesTable of Australian state and territory codes
raustatsraustats: An R package for accessing data and statistics from...
rba_file_downloadFunction to download statistics files from the RBA website...
rba_read_tssRead RBA statistical time series spreadsheet
rba_searchReturn list of data tables from RBA website
rba_statsReturn data for a specified RBA time series
rba_tablecacheCached list of statistical tables provided by the RBA
rba_table_cacheReturn list of RBA tables
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