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Aligned Rank Transform

anova.artAligned Rank Transform Analysis of Variance
artAligned Rank Transform
artlmPer-Term Linear Model from Aligned Rank Transformed Data
Higgins1990Table1Synthetic 3x3 Factorial Randomized Experiment
Higgins1990Table1.artAligned Rank Transformed Version of Higgins1990Table1
Higgins1990Table5Split-plot Experiment Examining Effect of Moisture and...
Higgins1990Table5.artAligned Rank Transformed Version of Higgins1990Table5
HigginsABCSynthetic 2x2x2 Mixed Design Experiment
HigginsABC.artAligned Rank Transformed Version of HigginsABC
InteractionTestDataSynthetic Data Used in the Contrast Test Vignette
summary.artAligned Rank Transform Summary
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