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Deprecated functions, arguments, and column names and their alternatives are listed below. Many of the deprecations are due to a naming scheme overhaul in tidybayes version 1.0.

Deprecated Functions

Several deprecated versions of functions use slightly different output formats (e.g., they use names like term and estimate where new functions use .variable and .value; or they set .iteration even when iteration information is not available — new functions always set .draw but may not set .iteration), so be careful when upgrading to new function names. See 'Deprecated Arguments and Column Names', below, for more information.

Deprecated functions are:

Deprecated Arguments and Column Names

Versions of tidybayes before version 1.0 used a different naming scheme for several arguments and output columns.

Deprecated arguments and column names are:

To translate to/from the old naming scheme in output, use to_broom_names and from_broom_names.

Many of these names were updated in version 1.0 in order to make terminology more consistent and in order to satisfy these criteria:


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