Man pages for mkampert/rCOSA
Clustering Objects on Subsets of Attributes (COSA)

ApoE3A Typical Synthetic Data Set from a COSA Model
attimpCompute and plot relevance of the attributes for selected...
attvaluesPlot distributions of selected attributes within a specified...
boxattBarplots of univariate attribute dispersion within groups
boxwBarplots of attribute weights within groups
bplotTitle for this function
cmdsClassical metric multidimensional scaling
cosa2COSA 2 Dissimilarities
cosaversionPrints date and version number of COSA installation
dendroPlot a dendrogram
getclustIdentify Clusters in a Dendrogram
hierclustHierarchical Clustering
normdistNormalize the distance
plotimpReplot attribute relevances with different plot parameters...
XtoyA Typical Synthetic Data Set from a COSA Model
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