Man pages for mkearney/tbltools
Tools for Working with Tibbles

arrange_dataArrange rows
bind_cols_dataBind columns
bind_rows_dataBind rows
decrDecreasing order
env_tblsConvert all data frames in environment into tibbles
filter_dataFilter rows
group_by_dataGroup data
group_by_data_dataGroup row numbers in grouped data
group_by_data_groupsGroups in grouped data
mutate_dataMutate data
mutate_if_dataMutate certain columns
n_obsNumber of observersations
pipePipe operator
print.tbl_dataPrint tbl_data
pull_dataPull data
repos_backmove vars to back
repos_frontmove vars to front
select_dataSelect columns
slice_dataSlice data
summarise_dataSummarise data
tbl_datatbl data
tbl_data_frameCreate tbl_data_frame
tbltools-packagetbltools: Tools for Working with Tibbles
ungroup_dataUngroup data
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