Man pages for mlgrm/svyr
tools for creating and analysing odk-compatible surveys in R

babblecreate a persistent list of pronounceable bubble-babble style...
cleandatclean up a data frame
cols2minisurveyextract repeats from survey data frame
csv2formconvert a csv "simple survey" file into an xlsForm
datsumsummarize the columns in a data frame
dfs2xlssave a list of data.frames as an xlsx file
drill.svqdrill down (cross tabulate a svq)
extractextract form data
extract.repeatget repeat table
format.xlsformmake an simple xlsform readable
load.svyload odk data from files
makeXLSFormcreate an xlsform from a simplified form specification
prettify.xlsformmake an simple xlsform readable
svq.oldcreate a svq (survey question) object from the old-style...
svycreate a survey object
tbls2xlswrite tables to xlsx
xlsx2formconvert an xlsx file into an xlsForm
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