Man pages for mlgrm/svyr
Tools for analyzing surveys (Title Case)

as_tibble.odk_dataS3 generic for converting odk data in it's native json format...
as_tibble.svqS3 generic for converting a svq into a tibble
choicess3 generic to list the choices in a survey or question
collapsecollapse a repeat 'svq' into a single 'svy'
connectionaccess or set the default database connection
copy_attscopy some attributes from one object to another, recursively
db_format.svqprepare 'svy' a data column for insertion in a database
db_type-setset the 'db_type' of an array
df2datturn a data.frame into the instance list for kobo
drive_download_recursivewrapper for drive_download to allow recursive downloading of...
Extract.svyextract or replace parts of a 'svy' object
grapes-times-grapescompose two or more functions (mainly for use in *apply and...
groupget or set the group of an 'svq'
kobo_curlconnect to the kobo api server and return the connection
kobo_lsretrieve a list of all a user's projects from a kobo server
languagesget or set the languages of a survey
nodeget or set the node of a 'svq|svy'
preserveperform an arbitrary function on an object, preserving some...
push.svypush a svy object up to the database
schemaset/get the current default schema of a database connection
sql-wrappersrun an sql send/get query
svqa pseudo generic for creating 'svq' objects.
svycreate a svy object
viewshow a dataframe as html in the viewer so you can copy and...
xlsformreturn a list of data.frames corresponding to the three tabs...
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