Man pages for mljar/mljar-api-R

add_dataset_if_not_existsAdd dataset if not exists
add_experiment_if_not_existsAdd experiment if not exists
add_new_datasetAdds new dataset
create_experimentCreates experiment from given parameters
create_projectCreates a new project
delete_datasetDeletes dataset
delete_projectDelete project
get_all_modelsGives data.frame with basic data of all models
get_datasetGets dataset
get_datasetsGets list of available datasets
get_experimentGets experiment details
get_experimentsGets list of available experiments for given project
get_modelGet model
get_predictionGets MLJAR predictions
get_projectGet project
get_projectsGet projects
get_resultsGet results of MLJAR training
mljar_fitMLJAR FIT
mljar_predictMLJAR PREDICT
prediction_downloadFunction to get predictions from MLJAR.
print_all_projectsPrint all projects
submit_predict_jobSubmits dataset for MLJAR prediction
upload_fileUploads file into MLJAR
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