Man pages for mlpeck/zernike
Zernike Polynomials

addfitAdd zernike coefficients to a matrix.
aiafitIterative algorithms for Phase Shifting Interferometry
aiapsiIterative algorithms for PSI with unknown phase shifts
astig.bathZernike coefficients for astigmatism due to Bath astigmatism.
brcutpuwBranch cut algorithm for phase unwrapping
circle.parsPupil parameters
col3dOpenGL plot
convolve2d2D convolution
cropCrop an array
fftfitFourier transform interferogram analysis
FFTUtilitiesFFT Utilities
fitzernikesLeast Squares fit to Zernike polynomials
foucogramSimulate a Foucaultgram
gblurGaussian blur
gpcapsiGeneralized Principal components algorithm for phase shifting...
gray2568 bit Grayscale
idiffpuwPhase unwrapping by Integrating DIFFerences
itfitIterative algorithms for Phase Shifting Interferometry
load.imagesRead images
lspsiPhase Shifting Interferometry
makezlistLists of Zernike polynomial indexes
mpinvMoore-Penrose generalized inverse
pcafitPrincipal Component Analysis for Phase Shifting...
pcapsiVargas et al.'s Principal Components method for PSI
pick.sidelobeSelect an interferogram sidelobe in the Fourier domain
plot.cmatPlot a complex matrix
plotnWavefront comparison plots
plot.pupilPupils and wavefronts
plotxsPlot cross-sections (profiles) through a wavefront map.
psifitPhase Shifting Interferometry
pupilPupils and wavefronts
pupil.parsPupil parameters
pupil.rhothetaPolar coordinates
pupilrmsWavefront statistics
qpuwQuality guided algorithm for phase unwrapping
readjpegRead a jpeg or tiff file
rescaleRescale an image.
rmapUtilities for phase unwrapping
rygcbA better rainbow.
separate.wfSeparate wavefronts
startestStar test simulator
synth.interferogramSynthetic interferogram
turbwfKolmogorov Turbulence
wf3d.pupilOpenGL wavefront plot
wf.netWavefront smoothing
zconicZernike coefficients for a conic surface
ZernikeZernike Polynomials
zmomentsZernike moments
zpmMatrixes of Zernike polynomials
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