API for mlr-org/phng
Define and Document Parameter Spaces, Generate Designs and Check Feasibilities

Global functions
OptPath Man page
ParamBase Man page
ParamCategorical Man page
ParamFlag Man page
ParamHandle Man page
ParamInt Man page
ParamNode Man page
ParamReal Man page
ParamSet Man page
ParamSetBase Man page
ParamSimple Man page
ParamUntyped Man page
as.data.frame.OptPath Man page Source code
as_dt_cols Source code
could_list_be_data_table Source code
design_to_list Man page Source code
ensure_data_table Source code
onLoad Source code
opt_grid_res Source code
oversample_forbidden2 Source code
repeatParam Man page Source code
test_special_vals Source code
trafo_on_repeated_param Man page Source code
vectorized_for_param_set_flat Source code
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