Man pages for mlwalter4/epivizGvizConverter
Convert epivizr workspaces to GViz plots, and viceversa

convertEpivizBlocksConvert Epiviz BlocksTrack to Gviz AnnotationTrack.
convertEpivizGenesConvert Epiviz GenesTrack to Gviz GeneRegionTrack.
convertEpivizHeatmapConvert Epiviz HeatmapPlot to Gviz DataTrack.
convertEpivizLineConvert Epiviz LineTrack to Gviz DataTrack.
convertEpivizScatterConvert Epiviz ScatterPlot to Gviz DataTrack.
convertEpivizStackedLineConvert Epiviz StackedLineTrack to Gviz DataTrack.
convertGvizAnnotationConvert Gviz AnnotationTrack to Epiviz BlocksTrack.
convertGvizDataConvert Gviz DataTrack to Epiviz LineTrack.
convertGvizGeneRegionConvert Gviz GeneRegionTrack to Epiviz GenesTrack.
epivizToGvizConvert an existing Epiviz workspace into a Gviz plot.
gvizToEpivizConvert an existing Gviz plot into an Epiviz workspace.
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