Man pages for mlysy/nicheROVER
(Niche) (R)egion and Niche (Over)lap Metrics for Multidimensional Ecological Niches

ellipsePoint coordinates for a 2-D ellipse.
fishFish stable isotope dataset.
niche.par.plotPlot for niche parameters.
niche.plotPlot for 2-d projection of niche regions.
nicheROVER(Niche) (R)egion and Niche (Over)lap Metrics for...
niche.runifUniform sampling from elliptical niche region.
niche.sizeCalculate the size of an elliptical niche region.
niiw.postRandom draws from the posterior distribution with...
niw.coeffsPosterior coefficients of the Normal-Inverse-Wishart...
niw.momMean and variance of the Normal-Inverse-Wishart distribution.
niw.postRandom draws from the posterior distribution with...
overlapMonte Carlo calculation of niche region overlap metrics.
overlap.plotPlot the overlap metric.
overlap.unifOverlap calculation for uniform niche regions.
rniwRandom draws from a Normal-Inverse-Wishart distribution.
rwishRandom draws from a Wishart (or Inverse-Wishart)...
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